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DB Review, database schema navigation utility news and events

Version 1.06

  • Data type list view
  • Database connection history
  • Better support for migrated keys visualization
  • "Switch to" options for depended objects

Version 1.05

  • Database schema HTML report
  • Single object HTML report
  • Space usage HTML report

Version 1.04

  • Depended views, procedures and functions at the main dependencies panel
  • "Copy properties feature" for objects and items
  • Extended properties viewer and editor
  • Index operations: rebuild and disable

Version 1.03

  • Table content preview feature
  • Object's description panel
  • Enable/disable trigger feature

Version 1.02

  • Table and view sort order feature
  • Search for object option
  • SQL console improvements: execution history, export and import options

Version 1.01

  • SQL panel for the selected object
  • Rich context menu for table, column and relationship
  • Check constraint properties panel
  • View scale option

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